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THIS Scotland 2018 – Tinnitus and Hearing Information Show

Wow! What a brilliant turn out to the first ever Scottish Tinnitus and Hearing Information Show!

A huge thank you to all who attended. Many others showed interest but were unable to attend. It confirms our view that there is a desire for more information on tinnitus and hearing wellness. THIS has highlighted an unmet need for better provision of services and support within both public and private sectors.

The vast majority of comments on the day were hugely positive. We want to take time to review all of your feedback and respond to individual requests. Our aim is to deliver an even better event next year.

Our review of THIS Scotland 2018 should be completed within the next three weeks. We truly hope that it will be of help and benefit to all. Our work will continue as we look to refine and improve the ideas raised at the event.

If you weren’t able to attend, then why not subscribe to our list? We can then keep you updated with news and subject matter arising from the show.

We are so humbled by your response. It makes all of the hard work of our small yet dedicated team truly worthwhile.


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Dr James Jackson from Leeds Trinity University was our main presenter. He is also involved in research for the British Tinnitus Association. James has had tinnitus since childhood. He then acquired a sudden severe hearing loss while a student at Heriot-Watt University. He brought a wealth of personal and professional insight to the event and was very well received. We hope to have videos of his presentations in response to many requests.

James has a keen interest in the Biopsychosocial model.  Empowering people can reduce the effect of their condition. His support of the event echoes this core belief. Knowledge, technology and a desire to engage can help people with tinnitus and hearing issues to improve their quality of life.

Dr James Jackson

Associate Principal Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University

Alan Hopkirk organised THIS Scotland 2018. He is an audiologist who advocates more choice for those affected by tinnitus and hearing loss. He also suggests that health professionals need to be more supportive when patients raise these concerns. Alan is based at The Invisible Hearing Clinic in Glasgow. They offer cutting-edge services for tinnitus, complex hearing needs and hearing wellness in general.

He was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland on the subject of tinnitus. Alan has also appeared on STV television discussing hearing loss, tinnitus and mental health.

Alan Hopkirk

Clinical Director, The Invisible Hearing Clinic

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